Infoisinfo Cookies Policy

In the same way of the great majority of places in Internet, our website uses Cookies to improve and also to optimize the experience of the user. Following, you could see detailed information about Cookies, the typology used by this website, the way to deactivate them in your browser and also, instructions to block the inclusion of cookies by third parties.

What are cookies? How are used in the websites of Infoisinfo?

Cookies are archives or files installed on your browser by websites or apps that you are using at any given time. The installation happens during your itinerary through the pages or apps, and its main function is to compile information about your visit. Infoisinfo websites use cookies to:

  1. Ensure that web pages work correctly.
  2. Compile your preferences, your language or the type size.
  3. Meet your experience while the browser is in use.
  4. Compile information, anonymous statistics, pages views or the duration of each visit in our website.

The utilization of Cookies give us the possibility to optimize the navigation through the adaptation of the information and services close to your interests, to offer you a better experience on your following visits. Infoisinfo websites use Cookies to work, adapt and to facilitate the navigation of each user.

The Cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and the computer or mobile device used during the visit to the website. Cookies never provide personal information about the user. At any time, you could access to the settings of your browser to modify or block the installation of Cookies sent by Infoisinfo websites, without preventing access to the contents. However, the quality of services may be affected.

Users who complete the registration process or who are logged in the site, could visit or access to services specially adapted to their personal preferences according to the information provided at the time of registration and the cookie stored in your browser.

The email-marketing keywords of Infoisinfo use small invisible images included in emails destined to the users. Through this technology, we can now if an email has been read or not, date of the reading, IP steering from which has been consulted, etc. With this information, we do statistics analysis about sending and receiving emails to improve the supply of services that the user is subscribed and also to provide information that may be of interest.

WHY Cookies Are important?

Websites need Cookies to work for different reasons:

  1. - From a technical point of view, cookies allow websites work more agile and adapted to the preferences of the users, such as storing the language, currency or detecting the access device.
  2. - To stablish different levels of protection and safety to avoid cyber-attacks against the website or their users.
  3. - To allow that media managers can know statistical data collected in Cookies to improve the quality of their services.
  4. - To optimize the adverts showed to our users, offering advertisements adapted to their interests.

What are the different types of cookies used by Infoisinfo?

In function of the duration of each visit, Cookies can be Session Cookies or Persistent Cookies.

  1. Session Cookies: this type of cookie only exists while the user navigates the website. Our Web browser deletes session when the user closes the browser.
  2. Persistent Cookies: this kind of cookie could be used to record a vital piece of information such as how the user initially came to this website. A persistent cookie can expire when the purpose has been achieved, or also manually by user. Usually, each cookies has date of deletion and may be used in online purchase processes, to offer advantages or changes in the user profile or in the registration to avoid the introduction of the password user to access to Infoisinfo.

In the other hand, we could distinguish between own cookies and third party cookies, in function of the managing entity of the domain.

  1. Own Cookies. Cookies sent and managed by Infoisinfo to keep a better working of the website. Collected information is used to improve the quality of our services and your experience as user.
  2. Third party Cookies. Cookies established by other domains, as example: Google analytics, Google Adsense, Double Click, Webtrekk… Infoisinfo cannot access to the information stored on third party cookies.

To Navigate for this website implies that the following kinds of cookie can be installed:

Kind of Cookie Description Examples of use
Efficiency Cookies used to improve the experience of navigation and to optimize the proper operation of our websites. Also, they input configuration of services to be remember in the memory of your browser. - To store purchases made online supermarket in a section similar to “Add to basket”
Geolocation Data These cookies serve to remember information about geolocation data in your browser to offer you contents and services more appropriate. - Contents related to a country, city, language, etc.
Registration These cookies are created when a user has been registered o when the user log in one of our websites. - You can keep an active status. In this way, when you return to visit us, you will continue identified and shouldn´t introduce your password to access to your Infoisinfo profile. Also, it exists an option to be offline, in manually way. To visit some section of our websites (as example to publish opinions in a business file), cookies will always be necessary.
Analytics These Cookies compile information about your navigation experience in our websites on anonymous way. - We can register de number of visitors in each page, or contents more visited. For example, we can know if a user is a new visitor or not. This information can help us to improve the navigation and alto to give a better service.
Advertisement This kind of cookies show information about the different advertisement that each user can see in our websites. - It can possible to adapt the advertisement to each device, to keep a better display format. As example, it can provide ads managed through third party (“Ad-servers), shown on real time. We can know information about the results of the advertising campaign, as the number of clicks, duration of the visits, display frequency, etc. With this information, we can offer you advertising related with your navigation habits.

Some Infoisinfo´s services can use connecting elements with some social network: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, etc. When the process of registration has been done through social network, you allow automatically the appearance of a persistent cookie. The characters are similar to a registration cooking, but its configuration must be only modify through the social network.

How i can organize my cookies?

When a user visit our website will be allow Cookies in function of the conditions explained in the actual Cookies Policy. Each visitor can see this policy during registration process with the objective to be informed about Cookies conditions and, if the user will consider necessary, he could block, delete or reject the use of Cookies.

Also, Infoisinfo tell you that Cookies aren´t unnecessary to visit our websites. For this reason, if you´ll desire, you could block us activating the settings of your browser, where you can reject the installation of all cookies or some that. Usually, each navigator notifies about Cookies appearance and even they offer the option to reject us. Anyway, you could visit our website although to use some services could exist limitations and then your experience will be less satisfactory.

Following, you can see official links of main browsers and mobile devices with the objective that you can dispose of information to know how to manage cookies.

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Do we update the cookies policy?

We may update our Cookies Policy soon. For this reason, we recommend to revise this policy each time that you will enter in some of pages of Infoisinfo with the objective to be informed appropriately about how and why we use cookies. Our Cookies Policy was last updated on February 3, 2014.